About Us & Our Love for Naples, Florida
& A Michigan Island Called Mackinac!

About us: why we love sharing information and experiences with up-to-date insider tips.

One day last summer we were celebrating the success of our Mackinac Island Insider Tips.com website while vacationing on Mackinac Island, Michigan with family and friends. We both married into families with connections to the Island dating back more than fifty years. We realized that between the two of us we had accumulated considerable practical knowledge of the Island and its many attractions.

During the "Mackinac Island" celebration it was quickly apparent that between the two of us we had accumulated considerable practical knowledge of Naples, Florida as well. Both of us have lived and vacationed in sunny Naples for over fifty years.

We talked about the many, many occasions when we had been asked by a visiting friend where to eat, shop and stay in this glorious south Florida paradise called Naples, Florida.

It occurred to us that using the same quality format of our first website, Mackinac-Island-Insider-Tips.com, we could provide our special insight with useful information on attractions, dining and lodging to people planning a trip to Naples, Florida and the surrounding southwest Florida area. With that objective in mind Naples Florida Insider Tips.com was born.

We now have doubled our fun putting together two websites about two special places we both love. We look forward to continually expanding and improving all our Insider Tips to our readers of both websites.

We invite you to share your favorite Naples, Florida activities and experiences. Please submit your comments, stories and photos so you can help us help another family plan and enjoy a perfect Naples Florida vacation.

Your Naples Guides,

Marcia & Kathy

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