Echo is a side trip from Naples that is very educational as well as interesting to all who visit and take the tour of the facility and grounds.

Its name stands for “Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization” and it promotes reducing hunger and improving lives with agriculture throughout the world.

Producing more food in many countries is the direct result of this organization’s achievement.
The Global Demonstration Farm is open to explore and you are welcome to take a tour of the facilities.

If you are interested in a tour, it’s best to call in advance for reservations.
It’s exciting to see how they provide unique solutions to world-wide hunger.

Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization is a non-profit, inter-denominational organization with its headquarters in Southwest Florida.

They provide tailored options for missionaries and agricultural workers in 180 different countries.

The subtitle for their News is, “Honoring God Through Sustainable Hunger Solutions”.

This global demonstration farm supports a seed bank that contains over 350 varieties of vegetables, multi-purpose trees, fruits, and other tropical crops.

The most amazing thing to us, as we took a tour, was the innovation of purifying water for drinking so that even the most disadvantaged peoples can secure healthy drinking water.

During March of each year this organization sponsors their annual Farm Day. Thousands of people come out for this afternoon event where they can enjoy educational tours, workshops, and activities.

A wide selection of tropical fruit trees and plants are available for purchase and you will enjoy their gift shop where global books abound regarding items relevant to the Echo projects.

You will find this farm located near North Ft. Myers, east of I-75 and just off Highway 78 on Durrance Road.

17391 Durrance Road
North Fort Myers, FL 33917