Marco Island activities are so varied and so wonderful you will have a difficult time to take them all in during your Naples Florida vacation. It takes about 35 to 45 minutes to get to Marco Island from the Naples downtown area. The main road to Marco Island is only two-lane and can become quite congested during the rush hours. But, it’s definitely worth the trip!

Even though Marco is only six miles long and four miles wide it is the largest of the Ten Thousand Islands and is considered the gateway to Florida’s Everglades on the West Coast.

The Ten Thousand Islands around Marco Island provide awesome boating, kayaking, canoeing and fishing opportunities. If you want to try your hand at fly fishing the illusive bonefish this is the place to try it! There are wonderful guides to hire to enjoy a terrific day of fishing.

Birding is a fun Marco Island activity. There are more than 200 species of birds on the Island. If you enjoy wildlife you will love Marco Island. There are loggerhead turtles, dolphins and the quiet and gentle manatee swimming all around the shores of Marco Island.

Beach combing for exquisite shells is a great past time on the many small islands near the Island. In the morning you will see people combing the beaches to find that perfect shell that came to rest on the shore during the evening tide.

Other Marco Island activities include sailing, para-sailing or kayaking off the shore. Or rent a canoe or kayak and meander around the canals and waterways in the inner portion of Marco Island to have a relaxing and peaceful afternoon.

Many people enjoy boating from Naples to Marco Island. You can rent a boat at one of the many marinas and head out on your own. It’s a great to pack a picnic lunch and drop anchor at any of the wonderful small beaches. Or dock at one of the restaurants to enjoy a restaurant meal while spending a few hours walking or biking around Marco Island.

Insider Tip: To enjoy the tropical flavor of this small remote Island it’s really best to stay the night at one of the many hotels. A day trip is fun but the Island has a unique tropical feel at night. One of the best Marco Island activities is to find yourself at Stan’s Idle Hour to enjoy the memories of a fun-filled day on Marco Island with a cold brew.

Make Tigertail Beach a priority during your Marco Island Vacation!