You can plan a Naples FL vacation budget style by doing some pre-planning. Check out the hotels before you arrive as they may offer specials or package deals for different seasons. Many times attractions that you would like to visit will have special discounts. And, of course, you will find many wonderful free publications that offer coupons for attractions.

These guides are usually available at family-type restaurants, service stations, and grocery stores. They offer discounts for restaurants, hotels, and tourist attractions. They also provide maps and detailed information about locations. You will find coupons for many restaurants, golf courses, fishing excursions, grocery stores, cruises, the Naples Zoo, and other attractions.

The Florida Weekly Newspaper, Naples Edition, is a free newspaper with the weekly news of the area. It is a wonderful source for finding specials for your vacation needs. You can locate the Florida Weekly Newspaper placed with the free guides mentioned above. It devotes an entire section on entertainment for the week.

Marcia usually picks hers up when she does her weekly grocery shopping. The newspaper is a timely read about current attractions and events in Naples. It lists festivals, art shows, entertainment, and what is playing at the many different theaters throughout the area.

Check with your hotel. Many of the malls and shopping areas such as the Venetian Village and the Mercato have free evening concerts. Cambier Park also has concerts and other events that are free of charge.

And, above all, there is no charge to wander around on those beautiful white-sand beaches in order to enjoy the water and the rays and/or to fish or walk on the Naples pier. So, don’t miss a Naples vacation just because you are on a budget. There are discounts, specials, package deals, and many free attractions just waiting for you!