Visiting Shy Wolf Sanctuary is a fascinating educational experience for young and old alike.

The Sanctuary was started in 1993 with a Black Asian Leopard named Moondance. Today, the Sanctuary is a refuge for numerous exotic displaced animals that have been bred in captivity.

In addition to providing for the care of these special animals in need of rescue, Shy Wolf educates the community on the need to protect and preserve them, while sharing their stories of hope and characteristic traits to foster the same in human guests.

You will find many unusual and exciting animals including wolves, wolf dogs, gopher tortoises, foxes, cougars and more!

The educational program is forever expanding and the staff works with schools and visitors as well as with the local and state animal control offices.

You will see the Shy Wolf staff at public events and schools throughout Southwest Florida, usually with an Animal Ambassador to greet participants. 

This knowledgeable and professional Staff is always available to address schools, churches, or organizations about their program.  Contact them at to arrange a presentation.

The Sanctuary has always had an emphasis on education combined with the impact experiencing the animals imparts.  Please contact for assistance arranging an opportunity for your friends and family.

Your visit will allow you to interact with many of the animals or, you can enjoy just observing as the animals intermingle with each other.

Shy Wolf Sanctuary
855-SHY-WOLF (749-9653)

Volunteers are always needed and welcomed at Shy Wolf.
Being a non-profit organization, you may volunteer for required community service hours.

Volunteers can be expected to do anything from feeding to brushing animals, cleaning their areas, office work, along with a myriad of other jobs.

Sponsorships, donations of money or supplies, and fund raisers are a very important part of the continuation of this extraordinary program.

Whatever you can do to help in any of these areas, the Sanctuary will be most grateful.

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